J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel, Morrisville, PA

J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel

41 W Trenton Ave
Morrisville, PA 19067
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Phone: (215) 295-7725

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Comment on J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel - Morrisville, PA written by: Shanno N. 1 stars 04/21/2011 11:45AM This is the ABSOLOUTE WORST funeral home ever!!!! We buried my father from this funeral home and they are just horrible. We should have walked out when they told us the price but it only got worse from there. Jack, the older gentleman, while polite & nice is extremely absent minded and leaves out vital information. I corrected him on my first name several times and continued to call me by "sharon". We made my father's arrangements with Jack, during this time, we explained that our father's wish was to have his obituary in the paper the day after his burial (which was a Thursday (obit should have been in on Friday). He assured us that wouldn't be a problem. Well, it wasn't in on Friday, Sunday, or Monday. My brother had been trying to get in touch with the funeral home since Friday and none of his calls were returned. I finally called on Tuesday, left a message.. again, no return call. I called back Tuesday night, Jack answered the phone (finallyu a human, not a machine). I explained my concerns, and asked what was going on with the obit. He replied " we were waiting for somone fron the family to call us back." Why would we when we thought it was all taken care of? He apologized for the misunderstanding and only then asked me for my father's name (how did he know who he was talking to in order to tell me that he was waiting for a family member to call back and they had our phone number & called several times... why didn't they call us?) and then said it would be in the paper on Friday (April 22nd). The following day a representative from the funeral home (NOT Jack) called my mother and said they forgot to ask for a credit card number to pay to put it in the paper and it would cost $250.00. I called the paper, it only costs $165.00... quite a big mark up on a 2 minute phone conversation. We are going to put it in ourselves and save $85.00. I was also told that my dad's death certificates were available, I could come pick them up but to call first to make sure someone was there. This is a joke, apparently no one is ever there. I have called 2x's now wanting them to return my call, letting me know when someone will be there so I can come by and get them. My father's family has buried 99% of his relatives out of this funeral home & are all buried in the same cemetery. I KNOW that my dad would never have put up with this nonsense. It's obvious that this funeral home is run by a bunch of low lives that will have to meet their maker one day. Please, DO NOT USE this funeral hime if you dont' want to be ripped off. Over 15,000.00 later and a week after we buried my father, I am still dealing with them to get death certificates, let alone the error on their part of not giving us full information regarding the obituary. They wouldn't absorb the cost of the obituary... bad, bad business!!

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J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel - Morrisville, PA Julie Faust Obituary announcement - Posted by Sonia Foderaro 2016-01-06 23:59:29 Betty,
I am very sorry to hear about the death of Julie. She was much to young to have to leave us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time.

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