Sympathy Plants

Sympathy PlantsSympathy PlantsWhen someone has suffered the loss of a friend or loved one, those close to them will naturally want to reach out to console them and let them know that someone is thinking of them. Floral arrangements can be a thoughtful gift to show your sympathy and concern, but while flower bouquets are lovely, their beauty can sometimes be fleeting. For those looking for a more enduring tribute to the life of the deceased, Avas Flowers offers a variety of funeral plants and flowers, from orchids to verdant foliage plants, that can provide a source of comfort for the bereaved both during and long after the funeral service. Send one of our plants for funerals to honor someone who devoted their life to environmental causes: Funeral plants and flowers are eco-friendly gifts that can help improve the quality of the air we breathe. And sending plants for funerals can have emotional benefits, not just environmental ones, in the days and weeks to come. Green plants are a proven mood-lifter, so having them around the home can help to improve the mental health and well-being of the bereaved as they grieve and recover from their loss. As your gift continues to grow and thrive, it will be a visual reminder of the persistence of life and of your support and concern during a difficult time. At Avas Flowers, we have a large selection of the best, freshest flowers and plants available online, and we’re sure to have the perfect option for you to convey your sympathies and show someone how much you care about them after they have endured the loss of a loved one. For those looking for something a little bit different, we also carry a variety of sympathy gift baskets, and no matter which gift you choose to buy, you will always get our stellar customer service and efficient delivery. And we will never compromise on quality: Our prices may be cheap, but all of our products are always top-notch. In fact, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That’s why we’ve been in business for more than 30 years, helping people to find the perfect way to express their sentiments, no matter what the occasion might be. During the saddest times of life as well as the most joyful milestones, Avas Flowers is there to help you show how you feel with a heartfelt gift. Contact us today and let us put our years of experience to work for you. You can order your gift online or using our mobile apps, or feel free to call us at 1-877-638-3303: Our dedicated floral experts are available 24 hours a day to help you select the perfect gift option for your needs.

Sympathy Potted Corn Plant
Sympathy Potted Corn Plant A perfect way to extend your sympathies during a time of sorrow is with a lush, vibrant plant. Our Sympathy Potted Corn Plant will continue to grow and serve as a tribute to a loved one lost. $79.99 5 stars (5.00)

Sympathy Dieffenbachia Plant
Sympathy Dieffenbachia Plant A lovely green plant is a thoughtful way to offer your condolences.  Our Dieffenbachia Plant will bring comfort and extend your sympathies throughout the difficult months ahead. $74.99 4 stars (4.67)

Zen Orchid Sympathy Plant
Zen Orchid Sympathy Plant Our elegant Zen Orchid Plant is a graceful tribute to a dearly departed. Gentle white petals and deep green leaves are carefully seated in a lovely container. It's a thoughtful gesture of your deepest sympathies. $62.99 4 stars (4.62)

Sympathy Spathiphyllum
Sympathy Spathiphyllum Our Sympathy Spathiphyllum in a Basket, or more commonly known as a peace lily plant, is a lasting gesture of comfort during a difficult time. Lush green leaves and bright white blooms makes this plant a striking visual and a calming and peaceful presence. $79.99 3 stars (3.60)

Floral Dish Garden
Floral Dish Garden What could be better? Our lovely Dish Garden with Fresh Flowers makes for a beautiful piece to send to a friend, loved one, or just someone that you want to make feel special. Fresh cut flowers are nestled amongst assorted lush green plants for a one-of-a-kind arrangement. $39.99 4 stars (4.77)

European Dish Garden
European Dish Garden Our quaint European Dish Garden is a lovely basket filled with the freshest selection of green and blooming plants. The perfect piece for your desk at work or home. $52.99 4 stars (4.70)

Designer's Choice Green Planter
Designer's Choice Green Planter Trust our designers to create a unique piece for someone special. The arrangement will include our most lush and freshest green plants carefully arranged in a ceramic container. Our Designer's Choice Green Planter will warm up any home or office environment. $49.99 4 stars (4.86)

Peace Lily Plant
Peace Lily Plant A classic Peace Lily Plant is an appropriate gift for a variety of occasions. The dark green foliage and white blooms of this plant create an elegant combination that is sure to please your recipient.  $42.99 4 stars (4.85)

White Sympathy Orchid
White Sympathy Orchid A simple white orchid plant speaks volumes. Offer your support and convey your condolences with this white Phalaenopsis Orchid that will continue to grow. It is a lasting gift that offers comfort and understated elegance. $62.99 4 stars (4.91)

Spathiphyllum in a Basket
Spathiphyllum in a Basket This elegantly arranged peace lily planter is a gorgeous way to send your condolences. Arriving in a special planter, the Spathiphyllum in a Basket is a natural and simple way to show your deepest condolences. $79.99 4 stars (4.44)