Paradise Funeral Home, Dallas, TX

Paradise Funeral Home

3902 S Lancaster Rd
Dallas, TX 75216
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Phone: (214) 371-8093

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Paradise Funeral Home - Dallas, TX Frank kelwan Price Obituary announcement - Posted by Dianne sample Barrys mother and my son Adrian 2012-02-22 19:24:51 I was very fond of kelwan (Westside) and loved him. No one told me he was illl. I would like to have seen him before his passing. Its hard for me to accept him not saying anything about being ill.. he was always quiet and respectful and listened when I would give life lessons to barry .God Bless his sister and the rest of the family and if i can help tell barry sample (Dino) and he'll let me know .I knew Westside and a sweet natured young man and Our prayers go up to heaven for him Dianne sample Barry and Adrian sample

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